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You will find, below, the program of sea trips as well as the "Ile de Ré" connections.

The schedules are established according to the tide schedules.

Dates and times are subject to change depending on demand

and weather conditions.

The theme of the outing (" walk to Les Sables d'Olonne " or " tour of Pertuis Breton ") is established according to demand.

The validation of the walks is subject to a workforce:

  • minimum of 6 people

  • maximum of 12 people

The times and duration of the walks may vary depending on weather conditions.  

We advise you :

  • to arrive 15 minutes before the departure time

  • to provide warm clothing adapted to the weather conditions of the day

To book :

agenda balade du Payré
la balade du Payré_edited.png
agenda apéro time
apéro time_edited.png
agenda découvrte de la côte rocheuse
découverte cote rocheuse_edited.png
agenda tour du prtuis breton
tour du pertuis_edited.png
agenda journée ile de Ré
AR ile de Ré_edited.png
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